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Esteemed Stakeholders,

We have ended 2015 characterized by growing below expectation on global scale. As we go back to 2015, It has been estimated that the monetary policy of the central bank in developed countries and the structural transformation of Chinese economy are observed as a main two components manipulated the global economy in 2015.The global growth increased 2,5 per cent which had been below the expectation. The growth rate of developed countries was getting increased from 1,8 per cent  to 2 per cent  while the growth rate of the developing countries was getting decreased  from 4,5 per cent to 4 percent in 2015.

In 2015, The economies in developing countries, and the transformation in China slowed down regarding to reducing income relevant to energy and commodities prices. Simultaneously Word Trade  decreased in the range of 6 per cent also regarding to reduced income of goods and commodities relief on value  basis.Though it increased to 2,8 per cent in quantity  trading goods  descreased to 17,3 trillion dollars in value.The course of the global economy was determined by the central bank of developed countries in 2015.

Especially central bank in USA (FED) entered into rate hike process while the central bank of Europe and Japan chose to apply cheap money policy during a year. It resulted in a strong dollar but yet the petroleum and commodity prices decreased remarkable. Developing countries including Turkey were much more impressed  by this new global scale and financial provision in 2015 during which economic growth rate slowed down cause of loss in value of currency, decreased export revenue and capital outflow

 Turkey in 2015,

The Turkish general election  was held on 7 June 2015 and on 1 November 2015.For the national economy, election means that not only it is costly but also ,in fact, it leads to defer the investment as planned, the plans and the projects after election.

On the other hand, It has been clearly appeared that many sectors in Turkey were affected directly and indirectly by the problems faced between Turkey and neighboring countries, especially in crisis with Russia. Domestic problems, especially terrorism in southern east led to set back to have positive expected impact on markets. The first half of the year, Turkish economy grew 3,2 per cent despite of the fact that two general election had negative impact on economy and deferred structural reform.Throughout the year Turkish economy grew nearly 3 per cent despite of the crises and financial problems. In 2015 the contribution of investment having negative impact on net export figures remained limited while private and public consumption expenditure made a major contribution to national economy.

Consequently , 2015 during which Turkey struggled with hard economic and political conditions.

Ozersoylar in 2015

Ozersoylar continued to follow its own way by making no concessions to predetermined plans and policy in 2015 during which Turkey struggled with hard economic and political conditions.Nevertheless, assumed agreements and long-term contracts led to much more great contribute for our growth within both sales and the other financial ratios than previous years before this challenging domestic condition.

In 2015 net sales of our company increased rather than the sales of 2014.  50, 52 per cent increase in absolute value resulted in 38, 33 per cent increase indeed.

2015 in which net sales of our sector reduced 30, 52 per cent as against previous years ; nonetheless our net sales increased year over year therefore, it made us available to much believe that the way we go with stable and consistent policy including investment in our business ,common sense and collective working.

In 2015 as a company, we geared up our activity with petroleum refineries and we gained a lot of newer resources from these new invested countries. Having got information and knowhow from new invested countries, we aimed to extend our customer base and product portfolios. By year 2015, We got 40 countries to export and we are getting augment our customer abroad day by day.

The more we establish a business connection  with domestic dealers active in over 150 points by making  frequent visits and effective field work The more agricultural sales of sulphur and fertilizer increase in parallel.Thanks to agricultural market in Nevşehir, we provide tractors,harvesters,construction equipments branded Türktraktör sub-branded of New Holland distributed by Koç Holding for domestic sales.directly.On the other hand, In addition to our main trade product Sulphur, we provide Petrokok procured from petroleum rafineries having progressive overhaul of the agreement with Tüpraş running the most powerful industrial investment project in the history of the republic ‘Fuel Oil Conversion Project’Petrokok was exported in september for the first time of Turkish history  by Özersoylar.

Today, Özersoylar is one of the most powerful in-field foundation in Turkey having a market share with volume of business and range of services and product.

Özersoylar will keep follow its own growth target permanently throughout 2016.

From now on regarding build on a solid ground for all business area and financial structure Özersoylar will keep make contemporary administration strategy of company focus on human capital by paying particular attention on sustainable growth, corporate governance and effective risk management.

For and on behalf of Özersoylar, I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all being in the same ballpark for all their contribution of our success during 2015.

I would like to wish you all another healthy peaceful  and successful year.

 Kind Regards,

 Cavit ERSOY

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